General Charitable Requests

To establish whether you are eligible to be considered for charitable support from Saints Foundation, please provide a response to the following statements.

You are a direct employee of an official registered charity (i.e. you are not a third party raising funds on their behalf):

The fundraising will benefit people in the Southampton and/or Hampshire area:

I'm sorry, but we are unable to assist you at this time. We wish you the very best of luck!

Congratulations, you may now be considered to receive support from Saints Foundation.

All sections must be completed in full.

Name of organisation:

Charity registration number:


Contact name/person responsible for the application:

Telephone number:

Email address:

Website URL:

Please indicate which of the following criteria applies to your application:

 Supports people with disabilities Supports people who are socially isolated Supports the development of young people Linked to sporting activity or health

Reason for your request:

Characters remaining: 1000

E-sign name:

Date of application:

All applications will be judged fairly and without prejudice.