Jamie Mack: Sporting Chance

“If it wasn’t for Saints4Sport I wouldn’t be able to get by everyday – The staff have changed my life and I’m so grateful.”

It’s been a long road to this point for 50-year-old Jamie Mack. From happily growing up in Glasgow to unicycling with a circus around Europe, he has gone down the road less travelled before finding his way to Southampton.

But, there have been darker times in Jamie’s past. Substance misuse has followed him throughout his life.

A move to London to work in construction saw his habits deepen, seeing him commit crime to fund it.

Taking up his story, Jamie explained: “‘I needed more money to fund this habit, so I worked hard in the day and then at 3am I stole top-of-the-range cars like Porsches and Mercedes all for the drugs.”

Two stints in prison for multiples offences and time homeless on the street saw the prison service send him to Southampton on a tag. This is where he met Saints4Sport.

Our project looks to work with people like Jamie who are going through life’s toughest challenges. We, alongside our partner Society of St James, aim to put routine and purpose back into our participants’ lives, whilst offering accredited outcomes, volunteering, work experience and long-term employment opportunities. For Jamie, this proved to be a turning point.

He started joining in exercise sessions to promote life structure and attending Narcotics Anonymous, a great helper for his ongoing recovery that has seen him stay clean since moving to the city.

He added: “When I arrived in Southampton, it felt different, I met people in recovery, was introduced to the local drug service for support and I was introduced to Saints4Sport.

“Saints4Sport support me and help me – and with that I help others who are new to the project – I tell people to come, I let them know that it’s so good for you. I feel very lucky to be where I am today.”

Do you know someone who could benefit from Saints4Sport? To find out more, please email Lisa Latona at llatona@saintsfoundation.co.uk.

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